February Newsletter

February Refire

A quick recap of February! Personal plans are going strong and I’m booking up weekends with events throughout the Spring.

I’ve been shooting a lot of footage for recipe videos and am on to editing! You know those overhead ones you see all the time on Facebook and Instagram? Those, but with the twist of yours truly, will be coming soon.

Blog Posts and Recipes

Close up of super crispy oven roasted potatoes

A super simple trick to getting crispy roasted potatoes
Classic Italian American Deli Sub on Checkered paper

An Ode to the classic Italian American deli sub
A four hour cook date shown in 3 minutes

Food News

There is a strawberry picking machine in the works and that means a whole lot more than it sounds. This article calls it “The Terminator for Harvesting Strawberries”

Do you like Octopus? There is a good chance that by 2020, we’ll be seeing farmed octopus available for purchase. This sounds okay, but when you factor in the amount of other fish needed to be plucked from the ocean in order to make this happen, it could be an issue.

Pink Slime is back! And it’s allowed to be labeled, “ground beef”. “Is “ground beef” the right term for meat mechanically ground by centrifuge?”


Stouffers used to be a humble restaurant. Then a chain. Then frozen food.  

The Rise and Fall of the Fancy Burger. A great read on how and why the simple burger evolved. (It’s Daniel Bouloud’s fault)

Poke dates back as early as 400 C.E., but it has only recently become popular here in the states and businesses are taking advantage. One Chicago-based chain trademarked the words “Aloha Poke” which is pretty ludicrous. If you’re a poke fan, I highly recommend reading more about it on Taste.


I will be traveling to Seattle and Banff National Park in Canada (Lake Louise) March 19th-23rd and have a longer trip to London, Greece (Athens, Crete, Naxos, Mykonos), and Croatia (Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split) from May 23rd to June 12th. As with all my travel, everything revolves around food and wine. Please do reply with any personal insight to any of these places if you feel so kind.

Jillian believes her passion for cooking stems from the fact that she was born and raised in Southern California. The best climate conditions for growing the finest produce all year around and the diverse mix of cuisines have always been an inspiration to her. Her love and ability to make people happy by way of delicious food began at an early age and still grows today. She is the proud Chef and Owner of Jillian Fae Chef Services, a personal chef business specializing in private dinner parties, customized menus, and weekly meal preparation.

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