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Newsletter Launch!

I launched my newsletter today. Subscribe for promotions, giveaways, food news, announcements, and more! Here is a look at the first one:

December 2018

To kick off my first newsletter, I’m running a give away below!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I took it off to host my friends and family. It’s nice every now and then to take a holiday off. But I’m now gearing up for a busy holiday season! I’m booking up quick, but still have Wednesday Dec. 19th, Saturday, Dec. 22nd, and Friday Dec. 28th available. Please reach out if you are interested.

Announcements & Events

I started a YouTube channel and plan on providing much more video in the future. If you enjoy video over print, go give it a subscribe!

In-Home Cooking Classes will be launching in early Spring of 2019. The format will be 3 course menus with demonstration and partial hands-on instruction. More info to come.

Recipes & Blog Posts

Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast Bread Pudding on a plate with caramel sauce drizzled over

Make my Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast Bread Pudding for Christmas morning and you’ll be everyone’s favorite.

Fluffy Egg Salad Sandwich in Hand

The Fluffiest Fluffy Egg Salad in all the land! A Bourdain inspired recipe.

Chicken and Ricotta Dumplings Soup in a white bowl and a blue placemat

Chicken and Ricotta Dumplings is like a slightly lightened up soup version of the classic chicken and dumplings.

A bowl of soup with green and white garnish with cilantro and limes on side

Another Recipe that uses that house seasoning! This Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup is quick and easy and even quicker when you use the Instant Pot option.

Brightest Pickled Red Onions text on top of cup full of them

Bright Pickled Red Onions put a zing on both the palate and the eyes!

Pancetta Jam Crostini with Mascarpone and pickled red onion

Bright Pickled Red Onions put a zing on both the palate and the eyes and can be used on anything, like this Pancetta Jam crostini.

Food News

As a heavy consumer of all food media, I stay up to date on important issues and come across a lot of enjoyable articles. Occasionally, I will even summarize them like I did on my blog about Ranch dressing or on Medium about HairDryer Chicken Lady.

From Pressing News:

12 Million Pounds of Beef have been recalled since October. A list of the most recent 5 million can be viewed here. Nearly all are ground beef products sold retail under the Kroger label in California and Arizona.

Cell-culturedmeat is in the works. That is, meat that is created from animal cells instead of whole live animals. Only the FDA was going to regulate, but the USDA recently got on board after they deemed the “meat”, actual meat. Strange times we’re living in.  

If you are on somewhat of a tight food budget and enjoy eggs, you might want to start thinking about raising your own hens.

To Notable Information:

Los Angeles Times food critic, Jonathan Gold passed away in July. Filling his place at The Times is food writer and critic, BillAddison whom I personally really enjoy reading.

“Pork floss” (AKA rousing or yuk sung) sounds like the stuff dreams are made of to me. This article explains it in detail. Basically, what jerky is to America, pork floss is to China. Must try!

If you hate cilantro, there is one gene in your DNA that is responsible for that and I’m sorry for you.

For my Temecula/San Diego area readers, there is a new luxury theatre opening in the Gaslamp district. It looks pretty sweet and I’m not even a fan of going to the movies.

To Stuff I Might Weed Out:

Keep your carp alive in your bathtub before cooking for ultimate freshness. 


Have a food question? Ask me and I’ll respond in the next issue!

Giveaways & Promotions

I’m giving away another jar of my J.Fae House Seasoning. It’s one of the ingredients in my 3-ingredient enchilada sauce (I know, I cheated).

To enter, respond to this email with the word “seasoned” and your name will be entered to win. I’ll draw the winner on Thursday,December 20th live on Instagram and notify you via email . If you don’t win, stay tuned because there will be another one next issue. Or you can make it yourself!


A friend wrote personal haikus for his closest friends and presented some at his 40th birthday celebration. Here is what he wrote me:

“Cook me more food please,

I love your wit and banter,


At least one person finds my witty banter inspiring. That’s all I need.

Until next time,


Jillian believes her passion for cooking stems from the fact that she was born and raised in Southern California. The best climate conditions for growing the finest produce all year around and the diverse mix of cuisines have always been an inspiration to her. Her love and ability to make people happy by way of delicious food began at an early age and still grows today. She is the proud Chef and Owner of Jillian Fae Chef Services, a personal chef business specializing in private dinner parties, customized menus, and weekly meal preparation.

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