Hard boiled eggs with sun dried tomato relish
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Sun Dried Tomato Relish

I wasn’t sure what I should call this…condiment. My first thought was a relish, but then I thought, maybe it’s a chutney. But chutneys typically contain fruit. Yeah sure, tomato is botanically a fruit, but culinarily speaking, it is a vegetable. There’s no argument there. My next thought was is it a pesto? My final decision was to stick with “relish”. Pesto is generally a bit runnier and this “relish” is thicker, like a…relish. This Sun dried tomato relish recipe is definitely a relish recipe.

Sun dried tomato relish

In the long run, it doesn’t really matter what it’s called. What matters is that it’s easy, quick, stores for a good amount of time, and is great on pretty much everything except for dessert. Let me list the possibilities:

Spoon it over meats. It’s especially great on chicken. Like this chicken roulade I made. The acidic brightness countered well with the rich creamy hollandaise.

Chicken Roulade with sun dried tomato relish, asparagus, and hollandaise

Use it for garnish. I liked it on this roasted red pepper tomato soup.

Roasted red pepper tomato soup garnished with sun dried tomato relish, creme fraiche, and chive oil

Top your hard-boiled eggs with it. It would be great as a garnish for deviled eggs too!

Hard boiled eggs with sun dried tomato relish

Use it in place of a pizza sauce. I toasted a pita, spread the relish on, topped it with some feta, then popped it back in the oven for a couple minutes for this quick snack.

Pita PIzza topped with sun dried tomato relish and feta

Throw it in a salad or whisk in some more oil and a little lemon juice for a vinaigrette.

For entertaining, top crostinis with a smear of soft cheese such as mascarpone, ricotta, or cream cheese and then top with the relish, simply use it for a bruschetta topping, or serve it alongside chips or crackers as a salsa.

I’ve seen a couple other recipes like it, but this one is mine. I use roasted red bell pepper which makes it stand apart from the others. I also use garlic confit which I make ahead of time and keep on hand, but you can sub 1 garlic clove.

Give it a try, make it yours, and let me know what YOU use it for!

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Trader Joe's sun dried tomato relish

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