Passion Piece


I often get calls and emails from solicitors trying to sell me everything from plates to advertising to what I like to call “middle-men” that try to take a cut of your earnings because they “connect you with clients”. So, when I first received contact from David, I was slightly hesitant. However, he quickly explained what he was looking to do and I immediately became excited and said I was most definitely on board. David Apodaca is the owner of Scrap Yard Creative which provides film, video, and media services with an emphasis on storytelling. He wanted to cover me in a volume of a “passion piece” that he was shooting that highlights local artists and craftsman in Southern California.

I must say, after the shoot, I was a bit nervous about what I said, how I said it, and how it would come across in a video. I’m not the best at public speaking and when put on the spot, I often feel like things come out the wrong way and/or I don’t say what I really want to. Well, the video was sent to me today and I must say, I am absolutely impressed with the magic that David and his team put on it. I’m very thankful to have been able to work with (and feed) David and his team and would definitely recommend Scrap Yard Creative to anyone looking for anything video related. Check them out at

I do have my own critiques on the dishes, the words spoken, and other things, but those have nothing to do with the creation of the video. I’ll just take note and keep them to myself for future improvement. That’s just me being my toughest critic, which in my “humble” opinion, is a good thing.

Stay Hungry! Learn. Create. Inspire. Cheers!


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