Avgolemono (Greek chicken, lemon & rice soup)

There is a whole skinned chicken sitting in my fridge. Chicken breast was on the menu at last weekend’s dinner party. I wanted to add a crispy skin for garnish. You place chicken skin on a sheet pan with a … Continue reading

Cumin: A seed well-traveled

I know three things about cumin: It’s used widely in Indian and Mexican cuisine, it’s one of the two main ingredients in my “house seasoning”, and it’s essential to my chili, taco seasoning, and many other recipes. Correction: I knew … Continue reading

Cream of Mushroom Soup- Only if store bought ISN’T fine.

My morning Twitter stroll led me to this little gem today. A vicious battle between Ruby Tandoh (who just released her new book, Eat Up) and a pushy vegan lady. Okay, not that vicious, but a little heated for sure. … Continue reading

Pickle It! No Waste Pickles

               My favorite way to prevent wasting produce is to pickle. Mostly because I am obsessed with pickles but also because you can pickle most anything and it lengthens the shelf life of whatever that anything is. I am a pretty … Continue reading