Fluffy Egg Salad Sandwich in Hand

Fluffy Egg Salad

  • Author: Jillian Fae
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Total Time: 15
  • Yield: 1 Q 1x


Fluffy Egg Salad Inspired by Anthony Bourdain’s passion for the Japanese Lawson’s Egg Salad Sandwich



1 dz Lg. eggs (11 hard boiled, 1 yolk)

1 T 1 t white wine vinegar

½ t salt

¼ t dry mustard

3/4 C avocado oil (vegetable or grapeseed work too)

Salt to taste



Whisk together raw yolk, vinegar, salt, and mustard. Slowly drizzle in oil while whisking constantly until all the oil has been incorporated.

Yolk Whip

Separate the whites from the yolks.

Pass the yolks through a sieve into a bowl.

Whisk ½ C mayo into the yolks until smooth, light, and fluffy. If you made your mayo, you’ll have a little leftover to use for sandwiches.


Roughly chop.

Egg Salad

Fold together the yolk whip and whites.

Season to taste with salt.

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